KUKA SmartPAD Parts

The Most Complete KUKA SmartPAD Controller Parts
Touch Screen & Membrane Keypad & Display & Case

KUKA SmartPAD teach pendant and KUKA robot are using in automation producing and many other area.
VICPAS mainly provide LCD display monitor, Touchscreen glass, Membrane keypad, protective case(shell) for KUKA smartpad teach pendant controller function key replacement.
Include KUKA KRC1 KCP1 VKRC1 teach Pendant Control Panel
KUKA KRC2 KCP2 VKRC2 Controller Panel
KUKA KRC3 KCP3 VKRC3 teach Pendant Control Panel

KUKA SmartPAD Controller Parts Video

This video describes all the contents of KUKA SmartPAD Teach Pendant Parts, including touch screen panel, membrane keyboard switch, LCD Display Screen, and protective shell case.

KUKA SmartPAD Parts

KUKA SmartPAD Controller Models Table

KUKA SmartPAD Description Inventory status
KUKA KRC1 KCP1 VKRC1 Kuka SmartPAD Cotroller Parts In Stock
KUKA KRC1 69-000-398 Krc1 Kuka Touchscreen, Keypad, LCD, Case Available Now
KUKA KRC1 64-000-348 Kuka Krc1 Teach Pendant Parts In Stock
KUKA KRC1 69-357-225 Kuka Krc1 Controller Accessories In Stock
KUKA KRC2 KCP2 VKRC2 Robots Kuka Krc2 Controller Accessories Available Now
KUKA KRC2 00-107-264 Kuka Krc2 Teach Pendant Parts In Stock
KUKA KRC2 00-163-784 Kuka SmartPAD Touch Screen, Keyboard, LCD, Shell Available Now
KUKA KCP2 00-130-547 Kuka Kcp2 Spare Parts In Stock
KUKA KRC3 KCP3 VKRC3 Kuka Teach Pendant Accessories Available Now
KUKA KRC4 KCP4 VKRC4 Kuka Krc4 Compact Cotroller Parts In Stock
KUKA KRC4 00-216-801 Kuka Krc4 Teach Pendant Parts In Stock
KUKA KRC4 00-189-002 Kuka Krc4 Parts Touch Panel, Switch, Display, Case In Stock
KUKA KRC4 00-168-334 Krc4 Kuka Controller Accessories In Stock
KUKA KR C5 00-291-556 SmartPAD-2 Kuka SmartPAD-2 Cotroller Parts In Stock
SCN-4W-FLT08.4-001-0H1-R Elo touchscreen for KUKA SmartPAD Replacement Available Now
0955200011050291 AMT9552 Touch Screen Panel for KUKA Controller repair In Stock
0955202013230951 AMT 9552 Touch Screen Glass for KUKA Teach Pendant Replaced In Stock
LM8V302 LCD Display for KUKA Krc1 Krc2 teach pendant repair In Stock
G084SN05 V.8 / V.9 LCD Display Screen for KUKA Krc4 Kcp4 Controller Parts replacement In Stock
KUKA Teach Pendant Description Inventory status

How to backup a krc4 kuka

Actually,you don't have to do anything, all archives are stored in root of the USB stick. default name for archive files is serial number of the robot - ensuring they are all unique.
And you can find the backup by select the path: File>Archive>USB(KCP).

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