Para ELO AccuTouch 5-Wire Resistive Touch Screen Glass Repair

ELO Resistive Touch Screen Glass

elo resistive touch screen glass repair

ELO 5-Wire Touch Screen Size Series:
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Part # Model # Size Contact VICPAS
E090044 SCN-A5-FLT05.7-Z01-0H1-R 5.7 Inch Contact for Details
E166578 SCN-A5-FLT05.7-Z31-0H1-R 5.7 Inch
E896667 SCN-A5-FLT05.7-Z30-0H1-R 5.7 Inch
E921750 SCN-AT-FLT05.7-Z01-0H1-R 5.7 Inch
E210665 SCN-A5-FLT06.1-Z01-0H1-R 6.1 Inch
E557244 SCN-AT-FLT06.1-Z01-0H1-R 6.1 Inch Contact for Details
E63669-000 SCN-AT-FLT06.4-Z02-0H1 6.4 Inch
407349-000 SCN-AT-FLT06.4-001-0H1 6.4 Inch
E004985 SCN-A5-FLT06.4-Z08-0H1-R 6.4 Inch
E019369 SCN-A5-FLT06.4-Z02-0H1-R 6.4 Inch
E077402 SCN-AT-FLT06.4-Z05-0H1-R 6.4 Inch Contact for Details
E150733 SCN-A5-FLT06.4-Z06-0H1-R 6.4 Inch
E169459 SCN-A5-FLT06.4-002-0H1-R 6.4 Inch
E198343 SCN-AT-FLT06.4-002-0H1-R 6.4 Inch
E226539 SCN-AT-FLT06.4-Z08-0H1-R 6.4 Inch
E259569 SCN-AT-FLT06.4-Z03-0H1-R 6.4 Inch Contact for Details
E384435 SCN-AT-FLT06.4-Z02-0H1-R 6.4 Inch
E659848 SCN-A5-FLT06.4-Z03-0H1-R 6.4 Inch
E863812 SCN-AT-FLT06.4-Z06-0H1-R 6.4 Inch
E912701 SCN-A5-FLT06.4-Z06-0H1-R 6.4 Inch
E054454 SCN-AT-FLT07.0-Z01-0H1-R 7.0 Inch Contact for Details
E496292 SCN-A5-FLT07.0-Z01-0H1-R 7.0 Inch
E000336 SCN-A5-FZW07.0-Z02-0H1-R 7.0 Inch
E042031 SCN-A5-FLT07.0-W01-0H1-R 7.0 Inch
E266565 SCN-AT-FLT07.1-002-0H1-R 7.1 Inch
E276717 SCN-A5-FLT07.1-002-0H1-R 7.1 Inch Contact for Details
E264204 SCN-A5-FLT07.7-001-0H1-R 7.7 Inch
E552962 SCN-AT-FLT07.7-001-0H1-R 7.7 Inch
223289-000 SCN-AT-FLT08.4-001-0H1 8.4 Inch
E24724-000 SCN-AT-FLT08.4-Z01-0H1 8.4 Inch
E348827 SCN-AT-FLT08.4-Z01-0H1-R 8.4 Inch Contact for Details
E465368 SCN-AT-FLT08.4-PT1-0H1-R 8.4 Inch
E494781 SCN-A5-FLT08.4-Z01-0H1-R 8.4 Inch
E804286 SCN-AT-FLT08.4-002-0H1-R 8.4 Inch
E874884 SCN-A5-FLT08.4-PT1-0H1-R 8.4 Inch
E908234 SCN-AT-FLT08.4-W01-0H1-R 8.4 Inch Contact for Details
E156078 SCN-A5-FLT08.4-002-0H1-R 8.4 Inch
E365985 SCN-AT-FLT08.6-002-0H1-R 8.6 Inch
E482492 SCN-A5-FLT08.6-002-0H1-R 8.6 Inch
E040536 SCN-A5-FLT09.4-008-0H1-R 9.4 Inch
E307098 SCN-A5-FLT09.4-002-0H1-R 9.4 Inch Contact for Details
E776098 SCN-AT-FLT09.4-008-0H1-R 9.4 Inch
E853914 SCN-AT-FLT09.4-002-0H1-R 9.4 Inch
E379151 SCN-A5-FLT09.8-001-0H1-R 9.8 Inch
E508860 SCN-AT-FLT09.8-001-0H1-R 9.8 Inch
E733951 SCN-AT-FLT09.8-PH0-0H1-R 9.8 Inch Contact for Details
E820747 SCN-A5-FLT09.8-PH0-0H1-R 9.8 Inch
526535-000 SCN-AT-FLT10.4-001-0H1 10.4 Inch
C67656-000 SCN-AT-FLT10.4-Z01-0H1 10.4 Inch
E000126 SCN-A5-FLT10.4-SL0-0H1-R 10.4 Inch
E013642 SCN-A5-FZT10.4-Z01-0H1-R 10.4 Inch Contact for Details
E052964 SCN-AT-FLT10.4-WAG-0H1-R 10.4 Inch
E073006 SCN-A5-FLT10.4-Z03-0H1-R 10.4 Inch
E118183 SCN-AT-FLT10.4-W01-0H1-R 10.4 Inch
E175538 SCN-A5-FLT10.4-001-0H0-R 10.4 Inch
E179481 SCN-AT-FLT10.4-SL0-0H1-R 10.4 Inch Contact for Details
E268573 SCN-A5-FLT10.4-002-0H1-R 10.4 Inch
E293492 SCN-AT-FLT10.4-MOT-0H1-R 10.4 Inch
E318180 SCN-A5-FLT10.4-FRE-0H0-R 10.4 Inch
E327435 SCN-A5-FLT10.4-Z05-0H1-R 10.4 Inch
E444438 SCN-AT-FLT10.4-002-0H1-R 10.4 Inch Contact for Details
E458225 SCN-A5-FLT10.4-Z01-0H1-R 10.4 Inch
E502391 SCN-AT-FLT10.4-FRE-0H0-R 10.4 Inch
E513707 SCN-AT-FLT10.4-Z02-0H1-R 10.4 Inch
E518479 SCN-AT-FLT10.4-Z04-0H1-R 10.4 Inch
E520211 SCN-AT-FLT10.4-DUM-0H1-R 10.4 Inch Contact for Details
E529602 SCN-AT-FLT10.4-Z01-0H1-R 10.4 Inch
E535824 SCN-AT-FLT10.4-001-0A0-R 10.4 Inch
E549190 SCN-A5-FLT10.4-MOT-0H1-R 10.4 Inch
E585389 SCN-AT-FLT10.4-001-0H0-R 10.4 Inch
E585392 SCN-A5-FLT10.4-Z02-0H1-R 10.4 Inch Contact for Details
E586628 SCN-A5-FLT10.4-001-0A1-R 10.4 Inch
E757547 SCN-AT-FLT10.4-DL0-0H1-R 10.4 Inch
E821653 SCN-AT-FLT10.4-0S1-0H1-R 10.4 Inch
E833233 SCN-A5-FLT10.4-DL0-0H1-R 10.4 Inch
E854522 SCN-AT-FLT10.4-Z03-0H1-R 10.4 Inch Contact for Details
E857503 SCN-A5-FLT10.4-001-0A0-R 10.4 Inch
E863629 SCN-AT-FLT10.4-004-0H1-R 10.4 Inch
E893812 SCN-A5-FLT10.4-Z04-0H1-R 10.4 Inch
E896177 SCN-AT-FLT10.4-001-0A1-R 10.4 Inch
E898855 SCN-A5-FLT10.4-004-0H1-R 10.4 Inch Contact for Details
E917358 SCN-AT-FLT10.4-Z05-0H1-R 10.4 Inch
E931724 SCN-A5-FLT10.4-WAG-0H1-R 10.4 Inch
E942940 SCN-A5-FLT10.4-0S1-0H1-R 10.4 Inch
E959526 SCN-AT-FLT10.4-Z06-0H1-R 10.4 Inch
E962544 SCN-A5-FLT10.4-Z06-0H1-R 10.4 Inch Contact for Details
E995703 SCN-A5-FLT10.4-DUM-0H1-R 10.4 Inch
E142722 SCN-A5-FZW10.1-Z01-0H1-R 10.1 Inch
E499047 SCN-AT-FLW10.1-Z01-0H1-R 10.1 Inch
E158852 SCN-A5-FLT11.3-M07-0H1-R 11.3 Inch
E160293 SCN-AT-FLT11.3-001-0H1-R 11.3 Inch Contact for Details
E180429 SCN-A5-FLT11.3-001-0H1-R 11.3 Inch
E305963 SCN-AT-FLT11.3-M09-0A1-R 11.3 Inch
E314438 SCN-AT-FLT11.3-M07-0H1-R 11.3 Inch
E383629 SCN-AT-FLT11.3-M07-0A1-R 11.3 Inch
E596427 SCN-A5-FLT11.3-M07-0A1-R 11.3 Inch Contact for Details
E690552 SCN-A5-FLT11.3-M09-0A1-R 11.3 Inch
E131319 SCN-AT-FLT11.5-M04-0A1-R 11.5 Inch
E792842 SCN-A5-FLT11.5-M04-0A1-R 11.5 Inch
E143288 SCN-AT-FLT11.8-001-0H1-R 11.8 Inch
E995670 SCN-A5-FLT11.8-001-0H1-R 11.8 Inch Contact for Details
E33465-000 SCN-A5-FLT12.1-Z01-0H1-R 12.1 Inch
139212-000 SCN-AT-FLT12.1-Z01-0H1 12.1 Inch
387507-000 SCN-AT-FLT12.1-001-0H1 12.1 Inch
E011881 SCN-A5-FLT12.1-Z01-0H1-R 12.1 Inch
E030231 SCN-AT-FLT12.1-011-0H1-R 12.1 Inch Contact for Details
E042353 SCN-AT-FLT12.1-PT2-0H1-R 12.1 Inch
E109740 SCN-AT-FLT12.1-Z13-0H1-R 12.1 Inch
E153107 SCN-A5-FZT12.1-Z03-0H1-R 12.1 Inch
E161694 SCN-A5-FLT12.1-Z07-0H1-R 12.1 Inch
E221682 SCN-A5-FLT12.1-DIG-0H1-R 12.1 Inch Contact for Details
E222322 SCN-A5-FLT12.1-M08-0H1-R 12.1 Inch
E239338 SCN-A5-FLT12.1-M08-0A1-R 12.1 Inch
E250053 SCN-A5-FLT12.1-001-0A1-R 12.1 Inch
E274322 SCN-AT-FLT12.1-W01-0H1-R 12.1 Inch
E299646 SCN-A5-FLT12.1-Z12-0H1-R 12.1 Inch Contact for Details
E333754 SCN-AT-FLT12.1-M08-0H1-R 12.1 Inch
E345775 SCN-AT-FLT12.1-Z04-0H1-R 12.1 Inch
E348662 SCN-AT-FLT12.1-Z07-0H1-R 12.1 Inch
E350703 SCN-AT-FLT12.1-Z03-0H0-R 12.1 Inch
E409827 SCN-A5-FLT12.1-Z03-0H0-R 12.1 Inch Contact for Details
E421684 SCN-AT-FLT12.1-Z12-0H1-R 12.1 Inch
E426176 SCN-A5-FLT12.1-014-0H1-R 12.1 Inch
E427156 SCN-A5-FLT12.1-Z02-0H1-R 12.1 Inch
E444826 SCN-A5-FLT12.1-F02-0H1-R 12.1 Inch
E496364 SCN-AT-FLT12.1-014-0H1-R 12.1 Inch Contact for Details
E496642 SCN-AT-FLT12.1-012-0H1-R 12.1 Inch
E500132 SCN-AT-FLT12.1-Z05-0H1-R 12.1 Inch
E522800 SCN-AT-FLT12.1-M08-0A1-R 12.1 Inch
E524567 SCN-AT-FLT12.1-R4H-0H1-R 12.1 Inch
E539830 SCN-AT-FLT12.1-PT1-0H1-R 12.1 Inch Contact for Details
E544009 SCN-AT-FLT12.1-002-0H1-R 12.1 Inch
E568688 SCN-A5-FLT12.1-Z05-0H1-R 12.1 Inch
E602395 SCN-A5-FLT12.1-R4H-0H1-R 12.1 Inch
E614218 SCN-AT-FLT12.1-Z14-0H1-R 12.1 Inch
E670376 SCN-A5-FLT12.1-002-0H1-R 12.1 Inch Contact for Details
E686589 SCN-AT-FLT12.1-SL0-0H1-R 12.1 Inch
E801181 SCN-A5-FLT12.1-012-0H1-R 12.1 Inch
E803003 SCN-AT-FLT12.1-Z01-0H1-R 12.1 Inch
E839470 SCN-A5-FLT12.1-Z13-0H1-R 12.1 Inch
E866979 SCN-A5-FLT12.1-PT2-0H1-R 12.1 Inch Contact for Details
E877516 SCN-AT-FLT12.1-DIG-0H1-R 12.1 Inch
E901250 SCN-A5-FLT12.1-011-0H1-R 12.1 Inch
E906098 SCN-AT-FLT12.1-001-0A1-R 12.1 Inch
E935121 SCN-A5-FLT12.1-PT1-0H1-R 12.1 Inch
E941047 SCN-A5-FLT12.1-Z04-0H1-R 12.1 Inch Contact for Details
E964321 SCN-AT-FLT12.1-Z02-0H1-R 12.1 Inch
E986018 SCN-A5-FLT12.1-Z14-0H1-R 12.1 Inch
E991428 SCN-A5-FLT12.1-SL0-0H1-R 12.1 Inch
E052704 SCN-A5-FLT13.2-001-0A0-R 13.2 Inch
E602399 SCN-A5-FLT13.2-001-0H1-R 13.2 Inch Contact for Details
E623778 SCN-AT-FLT13.2-001-0H1-R 13.2 Inch
E671511 SCN-AT-FLT13.2-001-0A0-R 13.2 Inch
E064617 SCN-A5-FLT12.5-001-0A0-R 12.5 Inch
E884828 SCN-AT-FLT12.5-001-0A0-R 12.5 Inch
E77295-000 SCN-AT-FLT13.3-Z01-0H1 13.3 Inch Contact for Details
746010-000 SCN-AT-FLT13.3-002-0H1 13.3 Inch
E289553 SCN-AT-FLT13.3-Z01-0H1-R 13.3 Inch
E298095 SCN-AT-FLT13.3-001-0H1-R 13.3 Inch
E366569 SCN-A5-FLT13.3-Z01-0H1-R 13.3 Inch
E385171 SCN-A5-FLT13.3-F01-0H1-R 13.3 Inch Contact for Details
E834107 SCN-A5-FLT13.3-001-0H1-R 13.3 Inch
E100790 SCN-A5-FLT13.6-001-0H1-R 13.6 Inch
E692115 SCN-AT-FLT13.6-001-0H1-R 13.6 Inch
E161513 SCN-A5-FLT13.8-001-0H1-R 13.8 Inch
E206166 SCN-AT-FLT13.8-001-0H1-R 13.8 Inch Contact for Details
E540196 SCN-A5-FLT13.8-003-0H1-R 13.8 Inch
E917622 SCN-AT-FLT13.8-003-0H1-R 13.8 Inch
E087034 SCN-AT-FLT14.1-Z01-0H1-R 14.1 Inch
E146841 SCN-A5-FLT14.1-004-0H1-R 14.1 Inch
E377966 SCN-A5-FLT14.1-Z01-0H1-R 14.1 Inch Contact for Details
E411654 SCN-AT-FLT14.1-004-0H1-R 14.1 Inch
E032086 SCN-AT-FLT14.2-001-0H1-R 14.2 Inch
E457660 SCN-AT-FLT14.2-001-0A1-R 14.2 Inch
E508348 SCN-A5-FLT14.2-001-0A1-R 14.2 Inch
E620809 SCN-AT-FLT14.2-001-0A0-R 14.2 Inch Contact for Details
E829287 SCN-A5-FLT14.2-001-0H1-R 14.2 Inch
E995155 SCN-A5-FLT14.2-001-0A0-R 14.2 Inch
856093-000 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-001-0H1 15 Inch
D72810-000 SCN-IT-FLT15.0-009-004-F 15 Inch
E77225-000 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-Z01-0H1 15 Inch Contact for Details
E013172 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-Z09-0H1-R 15 Inch
E055550 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-Z01-0H1-R 15 Inch
E083805 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-R4H-0H1-R 15 Inch
E093343 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-003-0H1-R 15 Inch
E093889 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-Z11-0H1-R 15 Inch Contact for Details
E142580 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-Z06-0H1-R 15 Inch
E161577 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-004-0H1-R 15 Inch
E195170 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-Z04-0H1-R 15 Inch
E205053 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-008-0H1-R 15 Inch
E212465 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-Z01-0H1-R 15 Inch Contact for Details
E221757 SCN-IT-FLT15.0-009-004-F-R 15 Inch
E234385 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-Z03-0H1-R 15 Inch
E234850 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-008-0H1-R 15 Inch
E241813 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-Z05-0H1-R 15 Inch
E243039 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-Z02-0H1-R 15 Inch Contact for Details
E249624 SCN-A5-FZT15.0-Z02-0H1-R 15 Inch
E267183 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-Z09-0H1-R 15 Inch
E277557 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-RAD-0H1-R 15 Inch
E281859 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-Z02-0H1-R 15 Inch
E314634 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-W04-0H1-R 15 Inch Contact for Details
E373854 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-Z08-0H1-R 15 Inch
E439348 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-003-0H1-R 15 Inch
E440123 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-004-0H1-R 15 Inch
E444930 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-Z04-0H1-R 15 Inch
E449387 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-R4H-0H1-R 15 Inch Contact for Details
E461966 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-RAD-0H1-R 15 Inch
E490695 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-002-0H1-R 15 Inch
E493095 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-Z08-0H1-R 15 Inch
E562901 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-002-0H1-R 15 Inch
E580514 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-Z05-0H1-R 15 Inch Contact for Details
E584800 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-001-0H0-R 15 Inch
E585459 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-010-0H1-R 15 Inch
E609525 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-001-0H0-R 15 Inch
E640635 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-Z03-0H1-R 15 Inch
E647180 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-010-0H1-R 15 Inch Contact for Details
E727418 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-Z06-0H1-R 15 Inch
E794713 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-PT0-0H1-R 15 Inch
E802415 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-Z11-0H1-R 15 Inch
E814647 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-W01-0H1-R 15 Inch
E896820 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-F02-0H1-R 15 Inch Contact for Details
E963280 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-PT0-0H1-R 15 Inch
635661-000 SCN-AT-FLT15.1-001-0H1 15.1 Inch
C92402-000 SCN-AT-FLT15.1-W01-0H1 15.1 Inch
D30900-000 SCN-AT-FLT15.1-Z01-0H1 15.1 Inch
D30900-001 SCN-AT-FLT15.1-Z01-0H1-R 15.1 Inch Contact for Details
E062939 SCN-A5-FLT15.1-004-0H1-R 15.1 Inch
E191671 SCN-AT-FLT15.1-007-0H1-R 15.1 Inch
E216972 SCN-A5-FLT15.1-OPT-0H1-R 15.1 Inch
E247570 SCN-AT-FLT15.1-OPT-0H1-R 15.1 Inch
E266217 SCN-A5-FLT15.1-001-0H1-R 15.1 Inch Contact for Details
E421378 SCN-A5-FLT15.1-001-0A1-R 15.1 Inch
E435653 SCN-AT-FLT15.1-001-0A0-R 15.1 Inch
E452025 SCN-AT-FLT15.1-005-0H1-R 15.1 Inch
E472548 SCN-AT-FLT15.1-003-0H1-R 15.1 Inch
E479132 SCN-A5-FLT15.1-007-0H1-R 15.1 Inch Contact for Details
E535215 SCN-A5-FLT15.1-005-0H1-R 15.1 Inch
E628765 SCN-A5-FLT15.1-001-0A0-R 15.1 Inch
E631320 SCN-A5-FLT15.1-003-0H1-R 15.1 Inch
E641618 SCN-A5-FLT15.1-ADS-0H1-R 15.1 Inch
E656925 SCN-AT-FLT15.1-W01-0H1-R 15.1 Inch Contact for Details
E729880 SCN-A5-FLT15.1-Z02-0H1-R 15.1 Inch
E743468 SCN-AT-FLT15.1-001-0H1-R 15.1 Inch
E809928 SCN-AT-FLT15.1-004-0H1-R 15.1 Inch
E857614 SCN-AT-FLT15.1-001-0A1-R 15.1 Inch
E891026 SCN-A5-FLT15.1-Z01-0H1-R 15.1 Inch Contact for Details
E895848 SCN-AT-FLT15.1-ADS-0H1-R 15.1 Inch
E919018 SCN-AT-FLT15.1-ZPM-0H1-R 15.1 Inch
E951451 SCN-AT-FLT15.1-Z01-0H1-R 15.1 Inch
E966270 SCN-A5-FLT15.1-ZPM-0H1-R 15.1 Inch
E479792 SCN-AT-FLT15.3-W01-0H1-R 15.3 Inch Contact for Details
E000536 SCN-A5-FZT15.6-Z01-0H1-R 15.6 Inch
E134797 SCN-AT-FLT15.6-W01-0H1-R 15.6 Inch
E159197 SCN-A5-FLT17.0-005-0H1-R 17 Inch
E195238 SCN-AT-FLT17.0-Z01-0H1-R 17 Inch
E564334 SCN-AT-FLT17.0-W01-0H1-R 17 Inch Contact for Details
E710508 SCN-AT-FLT17.0-005-0H1-R 17 Inch
E726992 SCN-A5-FZT17.0-Z01-0H1-R 17 Inch
E927790 SCN-A5-FLT17.0-Z01-0H1-R 17 Inch
563682-000 SCN-AT-FCR17.1-001-0H1 17.1 Inch
971949-000 SCN-AT-FLT17.1-001-0H1 17.1 Inch Contact for Details
A67883-000 SCN-AT-FLT17.1-Z01-0H1 17.1 Inch
E299849 SCN-A5-FLT17.1-Z02-0H1-R 17.1 Inch
E323482 SCN-AT-FCR17.1-001-0H1-R 17.1 Inch
E389515 SCN-AT-FLT17.1-Z01-0H1-R 17.1 Inch
E452919 SCN-AT-FLT17.1-W01-0H1-R 17.1 Inch Contact for Details
E500979 SCN-A5-FLT17.1-F02-0H1-R 17.1 Inch
E509854 SCN-A5-FLT17.1-Z01-0H1-R 17.1 Inch
E574746 SCN-A5-FCR17.1-001-0H1-R 17.1 Inch
E676428 SCN-A5-FLT17.1-Z03-0H1-R 17.1 Inch
E705468 SCN-AT-FLT17.1-Z02-0H1-R 17.1 Inch Contact for Details
E823186 SCN-AT-FLT17.1-Z03-0H1-R 17.1 Inch
E918729 SCN-A5-FLT17.1-F02-0H1-R 17.1 Inch
F48767-000 SCN-AT-FLT17.1-W01-0H1 17.1 Inch
512250-000 SCN-AT-FLT17.5-001-0H1 17.5 Inch
A10145-000 SCN-AT-FLT17.5-Z01-0H1 17.5 Inch Contact for Details
E144216 SCN-AT-FLT17.5-003-0H1-R 17.5 Inch
E535555 SCN-AT-FLT17.5-Z01-0H1-R 17.5 Inch
E656210 SCN-A5-FLT17.5-Z01-0H1-R 17.5 Inch
E759246 SCN-AT-FLT17.5-002-0H1-R 17.5 Inch
E959545 SCN-A5-FLT17.5-002-0H1-R 17.5 Inch Contact for Details
E966125 SCN-A5-FLT17.5-003-0H1-R 17.5 Inch
F23516-000 SCN-AT-FLT18.1-W01-0H1 18.1 Inch
F33210-000 SCN-AT-FLT18.1-Z01-0H1 18.1 Inch
767223-000 SCN-AT-FLT18.1-001-0H1 18.1 Inch
E131954 SCN-AT-FLT18.1-005-0H1-R 18.1 Inch Contact for Details
E374999 SCN-A5-FLT18.1-Z01-0H1-R 18.1 Inch
E449221 SCN-AT-FLT18.1-Z01-0H1-R 18.1 Inch
E619490 SCN-AT-FLT18.1-003-0H1-R 18.1 Inch
E860994 SCN-AT-FLT18.1-W01-0H1-R 18.1 Inch
E910215 SCN-A5-FLT18.1-005-0H1-R 18.1 Inch Contact for Details
E968598 SCN-A5-FLT18.1-003-0H1-R 18.1 Inch
E000612 SCN-A5-FZW18.5-Z01-0H1-R 18.5 Inch
E976429 SCN-AT-FLW18.5-Z01-0H1-R 18.5 Inch
A54024-000 SCN-AT-FLT19.0-W01-0H1 19 Inch
E000437 SCN-A5-FZT19.0-Z01-0H1-R 19 Inch Contact for Details
E091313 SCN-AT-FLT19.0-Z03-0H1-R 19 Inch
E098144 SCN-AT-FLT19.0-Z05-0H1-R 19 Inch
E166730 SCN-A5-FLT19.0-Z06-0H1-R 19 Inch
E302149 SCN-AT-FLT19.0-W01-0H1-R 19 Inch
E395465 SCN-A5-FLT19.0-F02-0H1-R 19 Inch Contact for Details
E531684 SCN-A5-FLT19.0-Z03-0H1-R 19 Inch
E66256-000 SCN-AT-FLT19.0-Z01-0H1 19 Inch
E66256-001 SCN-AT-FLT19.0-Z05-0H1-R 19 Inch
E682252 SCN-A5-FLT19.0-Z02-0H1-R 19 Inch
E757465 SCN-A5-FLT19.0-Z05-0H1-R 19 Inch Contact for Details
E800153 SCN-IT-SFP19.0-001-004-R 19 Inch
E863464 SCN-A5-FLT19.0-Z01-0H1-R 19 Inch
E893208 SCN-AT-FLT19.0-Z02-0H1-R 19 Inch
E915523 SCN-AT-FLT19.0-Z01-0H1-R 19 Inch
E041541 SCN-AT-FCR20.1-Z01-0H1-R 20.1 Inch Contact for Details
E212122 SCN-A5-FCR20.1-Z01-0H1-R 20.1 Inch
E288906 SCN-A5-FLT20.1-Z02-0H1-R 20.1 Inch
E802367 SCN-AT-FLT20.1-Z02-0H1-R 20.1 Inch
E93663-000 SCN-AT-FLT20.1-Z02-0H1 20.1 Inch
E093011 SCN-A5-FLT20.4-001-0H1-R 20.4 Inch Contact for Details
E154992 SCN-AT-FLT20.4-001-0H1-R 20.4 Inch
E000906 SCN-A5-FZW21.5-Z01-0H1-R 21.5 Inch
E153011 SCN-AT-FLT21.5-W01-0H1-R 21.5 Inch
E751189 SCN-AT-FLW21.5-Z01-0H1-R 21.5 Inch
731676-000 SCN-AT-FLT21.3-001-0H1 21.3 Inch Contact for Details
E073119 SCN-A5-FLT21.3-001-0H1-R 21.3 Inch
E791860 SCN-A5-FLT21.3-Z01-0H1-R 21.3 Inch
E818684 SCN-AT-FLT21.3-Z01-0H1-R 21.3 Inch
E895952 SCN-AT-FLT21.3-001-0H1-R 21.3 Inch
E021248 SCN-AT-FLT22.0-W01-0H1-R 22 Inch Contact for Details
E888932 SCN-A5-FZW22.0-Z01-0H1-R 22 Inch
E598216 SCN-AT-FLW23.0-Z01-0H1-R 23 Inch
E619311 SCN-AT-FLT24.0-W01-0H1-R 24 Inch Contact for Details

If the above form doesn't have the modle you're looking for, feel free to contact us immediately. Vicpas will provide the best solution for you.

  • elo 6.4 inch resistive touch screen panel glass

    6.4 inch Series

  • elo accutouch 5wire 8.4 inch resistive touch screen panel glass

    8.4 inch Series

  • elo accutouch 5wire 9.4 inch resistive touch panel screen glass

    9.4 inch Series

  • elo 9.8 inch resistive touch screen panel glass

    9.8 inch Series

  • elo 5wire 10.4 inch resistive touch screen panel glass

    10.4 inch Series

  • elo 12.1 inch resistive touch screen panel glass

    12.1 inch Series

  • elo accutouch 5wire 15 inch resistive touch screen glass

    15 inch Series

  • elo accutouch 5wire 19 inch resistive touch panel glass

    19 inch Series

ELO AccuTouch 5-Wire Resistive Information:

ELO resistive touch screen glass logo

ELO Resistive Touch Screen

Elo graphics was founded in 1971 and invented touch screen overlay technology and was acquired by Tyco Electronics Corporation in 1999. Elo Touch Systems is a trademark of the TE Connectivity Ltd. family of companies and managed within Touch Solutions business unit. TE Connectivity is a global, $12.1 billion company that designs and manufactures more than 500,000 products that connect and protect the flow of power and data inside the products that touch every aspect of our lives.

elo touch screen glass

Smooth Integrations

AccuTouch resistive touchscreens are available with proprietary Elo technology to deliver a touch response that is drift-free and accurate in high-use applications. It's designed to be integrated into almost any bezeled application for Elo reliability and quality.

elo 5-wire touch screen glass repair

High industry standards

AccuTouch touchscreens can be sealed against contamination to support NEMA 4/4x/12 and IP65 standards. Every screen meets pencil hardness 3H per ASTM D3363. Agency approvals include UL, cUL, TüV, CE and FCC Class A.

VICPAS Resistive Touchscreen

Vicpas provide all kind of touch screen for HMI panel repair/replacement, we are working close with lot`s of automation and electric repair company from all over the world, Euro, North America, South America, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Australia etc, all of them stock the safety stock quantity make sure your HMI panel could be fixed in no time, all the touch screen spare part are brand new, good quality with 365 days warranty. If you are interesting, you could replace the touch screen from the HMI panel by yourself, very easy. How to install touchscreen ), very competitive price and we will ship by DHL express, normally only take 2-5 working days to reach your hand, you don`t need to wait a long time.

If you need more details, please contact us without hesitate.

VICPAS provide all ELO Touchscreen for replacement

elo accutouch 5wire  resistive touch screen panel glass repair

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